I am from UK, but emerged with some public recognition in 2011 in Reykjavik, Iceland with my first solo show entitled, “TRANSGRESS, ramma fyrir ramma” (frame to frame). Since then, I exhibited subtle yet provocatively honest figurative paintings through many subsequent collections. I have also had a strong affinity with Icelandic artists, resulting in sculptural and theatrical collaborations. Most of the press coverage I have received has been in Reykjavik.

More recently, since my return to UK in 2016, I have been exploring dimensions of consciousness, from existential ‘separateness’ to deeper and more intimate expressions of unity. This journey has marked a significant shift towards a deeper mysticism in my work.

I currently work with combinations of geometric form on canvas. In alchemical terms they function much like machines that hold in their opening forms, transformative energies. I am intrigued mostly by the potential effect each composition has on me and the viewer, and exploring a more direct application of the frequencies apparent in the work. I believe there are ways of facilitating a more direct transfer of these energies to the viewer. I will be carrying out this research for the foreseeable future.

I work on large scale canvases and have been spending over a year on each piece. This process seems to be speeding up. When I am guided to apply a mark, or line or some form, the painting moves to a new stage that seems to reflect something that is developing in my personal process of self-discovery.  These movements seem to happen beyond my will or intention. It feels like I get told what to do. These moments of directional clarity are always dependent on some sort of awakening or realisation that has occurred in my meditations.

Between these stages I work on a smaller scale, testing various geometric ideas and symbolic forms with natural substances that I use to paint with. Each substance seems to offer a different feeling and various combinations of these substances play a significant role in the overall effect of each piece. Sometimes these tests inform the next stage on the main painting I’m working on, adding up to a kind of language that guides my reflective development.

I am currently in the process of publishing a deck of 49 “Oracle Cards” that developed from these tests. This grew out of intuitively reading these cards for people from a test deck, with very satisfying results. Somehow I was able to provide a more direct personal experience of their chosen image, and as a result realised that I was beginning to find ways of facilitating the transference of the frequencies in the work.

My next show entitled, ‘Gates & Bridges’ will open at the Mycelium Space on 24th February 2024, in Frome, Somerset. This theme is based on the idea that, The Self is a portal or gateway to Divinity, and the paintings are bridges to that level of Self.

For some years now, I have recorded my processes and conversations on video, sharing these experiences as I go on social media. A big part of my reflective practice is to put together a short process film from my video diary archive, to mark the completion of each large canvas. The canvas I am working on now is the largest so far and I’m looking forward to taking the film production process to the next level for this one.




FREEDOM 01/07/21 - 14/07/21 Royal Arts Prize. Galleria Pall Mall, London
ROADS TO FREEDOM 09/09/17 - 23/09/17 Gallerí Fold, Reykjavik
I ACQUIESCE 23/06/16 – 07/07/16 Bermondsey Gallery, London
REBIRTH 19/10/15 - 25/10/15 Espacio Gallery, London
REBIRTH 09/09/15 - 13/10/15 Bermondsey Gallery, London
REBIRTH 04/07/15 - 05/08/15 Gallerí Fold, Reykjavik
BRILLIANT ROSE 12/02/15 – 31/03/15 Kaffi Sólon, Reykjavik
BRESTIR 19/09/14 – 21/09/14 “Art Copenhagen”, Denmark
BRESTIR 28/05/14 – 21/06/14 Gallerí Fold, Reykjavik
CLOWN PAINTINGS 04/10/13 – 20/10/13 Gallerí Fold, Reykjavik
CLOWN PAINTINGS  24/08/13  Gallerí Austurstræti 3, Reykjavik
ENTIRELY READY 09/05/13 – 09/07/13 Gallery Veggur, Forréttabarinn, Reykjavik
Old, New & Unseen Paintings 01/04/13 – 01/06/13 Iðnó Theatre, Reykjavik
Know Thy Yellow Self, Theatre production 02/02/13 – 07/04/13 Norðurpóllinn leikhús, Reykjavik
YELLOW HORIZONS 09/03/13 – 23/03/13 Gallerí Fold, Reykjavik
A Collection Of Paintings
01/05/12 – 01/07/12 Geysir Bistro, Reykjavik
New Collection Of Drawings And Paintings 17/03/12 – 04/04/12 Gallerí Fold, Reykjavik
‘Artist Still Claims New Renaissance Is Coming’ 17/12/11 – 31/01/12 Gallerí Austurstræti 3, Reykjavik
TRANSGRESS, ramma fyrir ramma 20/08/11 – 04/09/11 Gallerí Fold, Reykjavik
Selection from ‘Portraits Of Concession’ 10/08/10 – 12/02/11 McNeil Gallery, Radlet, Herts
Selection from ‘Portraits Of Concession’ – 11/06/10 – 11/12/10 ‘MyHotel’, Chelsea, London
Portraits Of Concession 12/12/09 – 26/12/09 AM Yoga Centre Gallery, London



Born in London. Worked mainly in UK and Iceland.  Received a BA degree in photography from Manchester Met University in 2003.  Received a teaching degree with emphasis on art education from Brighton University in 2007 and an MA in Fine Art from Brighton University in 2009.