Creativity Mentoring

I have been mentoring people for some years and have had formal training in facilitating learning through art to young adults. My own creative experiences have relentlessly challenged my perspectives on the subject...

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What will happen in a creativity mentoring session with me?

My goal with you is simply to spark the inspiration required to move in the creative direction that feels most satisfying to you. We will gather clues from your past creative processes and aspirations, what felt good and what challenges came to the surface. We may also unpack your motivations towards being creative as well as any resistance to not being creative. At the heart of my approach is an analysis of the freedom and openness to receiving the force of inspiration. This may happen through developing a plan of daily discipline or uncovering the discomfort that may arise from waiting. Part of this process of receiving is connected to our relationship with inspiration when it occurs. How do we approach it, record it or communicate with it?

What do we expect from it? What does it expect from us?

Everyone receives inspiration. It may be so subtle you don’t even notice it come and go, or it may be so intense that it overwhelms your current way of thinking. But everyone can open to new ways of relating to themselves through creativity. At every new turn in the road or at any block in our intended direction, we are given an opportunity to develop creative thinking, we are called to find new ways of approaching situations. Creativity can become a means through which we enter into more authenticity in our relationships with ourselves and with our work. This manifests as a satisfying alignment between our inner experience and what we are moved to create.

Sometimes the prospect of being supported in this journey is inspiring in itself. If so, contact me for a free session, and we can discuss what will work best for you. I am committed totally to your inspiration.