Location - A Multi-Dimentional Relationship

"Therefore, we may consequently state that: this world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence … a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related."


If this planet is alive, perhaps her expressions are intelligently projected, physically, from subtler realities.



Such a system of translated expressions from subtler realities, seems evident in our own multi-dimensional nature. It is commonly accepted for example that mental and physical health are fundamentally connected.  The World Health Organization (WHO) defines; health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.   The WHO states that “there is no health without mental health.”

For those of us who may be concerned with opening to the experience of inspiration, there is a clear sense that it comes from somewhere beyond intellect or reason. It even seems to come from beyond any particular identity construct we have inhabited to maintain whatever belief we have about ourselves.

How does our multi-dimensional reality, and the inter-dependency of all our levels, conscious and perhaps unconscious, relate to those of the planet?

If you have traveled with your sketch book or guitar or journal or theater group, if you have danced to the breeze and howl of different winds, or sat still gathering thoughts from the heights and the deserts, the glaciers and the lava fields, the caves and the vast planes, you will know that the style of your potential inspiration varies.

I have found in my own travels, that the particular energy of each place effects my relationship to the work.  Awareness of this phenomenon seems conducive to the flow of inspiration. There have been dark cellar studios in which I have pushed through signs of nonalignment, disconnected from the place I have been in. The winters of Iceland for example are easy to resist. Eventually the vibration of a place and one’s connection to it, is unavoidable. Iceland’s ancient ice, its volcanic heat and boiling natural springs, the long winter nights and continuous days of summer, make the overall feeling of that land scream for attention. My work was sharp and intense, thick paint, pallet knives, high contrast, figurative subjects of intense focus. I probably wouldn’t have noticed the connection if I hadn’t moved to Somerset, England. My work changed. A softer, more romantic palette and approach. I started using brushes!



The flow of inspiration, as mysterious as its source is, has many contributing factors. The ones we can know about, we can test. There can be no wasted time in this pursuit. It is itself, the creative alchemical journey of self-discovery. If you are reading this, you know the value of inspiration. A lifetime spent in reverence of its source will be a gradual awakening to our own source. Inspiration feels like a clearing, a moment clarified, a pure, untranslated sense of who we are, where we are, and why we are. The desire to express that, when it has scope to arise, is part and parcel of that moment of awakening.

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